Pet-Friendly Apartments in Memphis, TN

Owning a pet yields a variety of rewards, including the potential to extend your lifespan. Unfortunately, countless people must forego this opportunity because their landlords don’t allow animals. You shouldn’t be forced to give up the benefits that a pet can bring to your life. If you are looking for pet-friendly apartments in Memphis, TN, you should start your search at Bartlett Crossing Apartment Homes. We are happy to accommodate pets and their owners. We also offer a broad assortment of amenities to enhance your overall quality of life in the unique suburb known as Bartlett.

The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Being a pet owner can be beneficial in several ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the health benefits, alone, are a reason for considering pet ownership. Having a furry companion can lower your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. Owning a pet may also provide an added incentive to get outdoors and to exercise with your animal.  

If you have a pet, you may experience a decreased sense of loneliness. If you have ever experienced a prolonged period of feeling lonely, you probably realize how invaluable a solution to that could be. In addition, chronic loneliness has now been associated with mental health issues and ultimately, with physical health problems.

Numerous pet owners find that their pets prevent loneliness in two ways. First and foremost, they never feel truly alone when they have a pet to nurture, and which loves them unconditionally in return. Secondly, having a pet can lead to many bonding and socializing opportunities with other people, such as meeting in a dog park or troubleshooting a sudden behavioral change in a cat.

White and brown spaniel

Making the Most of Your Pet-Friendly Apartment in Bartlett, TN

As a tenant with a pet, you may well appreciate the various features that come with living at Bartlett Crossing. We have a fenced dog park on the property, so your pooch can get adequate exercise and play with other doggies. Your apartment comes with a washer and dryer, which are always handy after cleaning up a pet mess. There is enough storage space to house your dog’s or cat’s toys, grooming accessories, pet carrier, and anything else it might need. The neighborhood of Bartlett is conveniently home to several parks, including Bartlett Dog Park, where you can let your doggo run and explore without a leash. There are also several veterinarians in the area, so your cat or dog can get medical attention when necessary.   

Dogs and Cats are Welcome at Our Pet-Friendly Apartments in Memphis, TN!

At Bartlett Crossing Apartment Homes, we believe that tenants should have pets if they want them. We don’t want to deprive you of the many joys of being a pet owner! Be sure to contact us about our size and number policies, as well as details regarding rent and pet deposits.

Don’t hesitate to text or call us at (731) 224-8458, or fill out our online application today! 

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